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Chapter 6:Repair to Ride

Recover the Shuttle Crozier
Whether we shockpoint back to Earth, or follow Ellie and crew to Tau Volantis, we're not going ANYWHERE without a shuttle.
Buckell's scan of the S.C.A.F. manifest shows that there's a working shuttle, the Crozier, aboard one of these capital ships.
We need to recover it.

Locate the shuttle bay
The Terra Nova manifest shows that the Crozier is located in the Aft Section shuttle bay.
I can only hope that it's not there for repairs.
Without this shuttle, we may be stuck aboard these derelict ships for the rest of our lives...

アイザック I found the Crozier, and it's... well, it's a piece of shit.
No way I can pressurize the cabin.

バッケル Then we'll have to remote pilot it back to the Roanoke's repair bay.

アイザック Yeah, right. Let me look around.
If I can build a remote relay, I can plant it on the hull.

Install a remote relay on the Crozier
The shuttle will have to be remotely piloted back to the Roanoke.
The only way to do this, is to craft a remote relay and install it on the Crozier.
That will allow Buckell and Ellie to guide it back to their location in one piece.

Craft a remote relay
I've found 0 of 3 shuttle remote pieces.
I'll need to find them and take them to the construction bench to craft a Remote Relay.

Install the remote relay
Now that the relay's built, the last step is to integrate it into the navigation system of the Crozier.
Looks like I'll be able to access it near the nose cone of the shuttle.

エリー Hey, that worked!
I can see the Shuttle readouts.
OK, hang on. I'm going to try and start her up.

アイザック No good, it's out of fuel.

バッケル Wait, there should be a refueling station on the upper floor!
Here, I'm sending you the coordinates.

アイザック Okay, I'll head up and refuel the shuttle.
We can try restarting it after that.

Refuel the Crozier
The repair technicians would have had to flush the fuel lines of the Crozier before bringing it into the shuttle bay.
I need to refuel the shuttle before we can remotely pilot it out of here.

Attach the fuel nozzle
I'll have to manually connect the fuel nozzle using Kinesis.

Wait for the fueling sequence to complete
The fuel system is automated.
How long will it take to finish fueling?
I don't have much time to waste!

Detach the fuel nozzle
Last thing for me to do is detach the fuel nozzle.
The switch is located in the control room.

アイザック Okay, tanks full. Try again.

エリー That's more like it!
Okay, I'm initiating a test-fire of the shuttle's engine.
Take cover! This could get hot.

エリー That cheap bloody ancient techno... oh... oh god...
ah Isaac, I think I just started the launch sequence, and I don't know how to stop it!

アイザック You... what?!

エリー Just get out of there before it bakes you to a crisp!!!

Return to the shuttle bay
Something in the shuttle bay is preventing the Crozier from undocking.
I need to check it out, and fast!

アナウンス Initiating Launch Protocol.
All hands, clear the launch chamber. All hands clear the launch chamber.
Beginning systems check.


エリー The airlock door is stuck!
If the shuttle launches before it opens -

アイザック Son of a bitch!
I'll check the gears!

Fix the shuttle bay doors
The Crozier can't undock because the gears that control the shuttle bay door are blocked.
I need to fix the obstruction before this entire ship is blown to pieces!

アイザック There's something wedged in the gears!
Looks like military ordinance!
I'm going to try to clear it!

エリー Explosives?!? Oh god, be careful, Isaac!


エリー Isaac! The shuttle's going to launch any minute!
How's the door?

アイザック The gears keep getting jammed!
I'm clearing them as fast as I can!


エリー Oh god! It's begun the final countdown! Isaac!

アイザック I'm almost there!
Shit keeps getting caught in the gears!

C.M.S. Terra Nova, Space Dock
エリー You did it! He did it!

サントス Thank god Isaac! Yay!

バッケル That a boy, Isaac!

エリー Okay everybody, let's get the docking bay ready to receive the shuttle!
Isaac, we'll see you when you get back!


アイザック So, how's the shuttle look?

ノートン This thing needs more than plating: it's missing the port engine.

エリー There's a small wreck near the Greely.
It could be a shuttle.

アイザック We should check it out.

ノートン Rosen! Locke! Suit up!
You're on engine duty!

ローゼン But sir, my leg still...

ノートン I'm not asking you to do jumping jacks!
Now get moving!

アイザック Alright, Hey Rosen, I'll meet you there.

ローゼン Whatever.

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